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Love and what else?


We could simply realize that many are not really happy with themselves or in their relationships. Self-love, as the basis of the ability to love others, is often very hurt or even absent. In my practice I frequently face that the root cause of many issues is based on a lack of experiencing to be appreciated and accepted for who they really are. This appreciation is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children.

 We have disconnected so completely that we willingly engage in the dysfunction, yet we seem not to know how to make the changes.

Bound by fear and relishing in illusory symbols of status and power, we choose to spiral through depending on approval and life clinging to our reputations, our homes, our cars and our jobs as if they defined our very existence. We and of course our children are paying the price.

Every time a child commits suicide or goes on another school shooting rampage, we struggle to understand why? Fingers are pointed in every direction – at the media, the psychiatric drugs, the music industry, video games, lack of morality in America, but our fingers are never turned inward, toward our own hearts. We simply do not understand.

It is time to recognize that our own words and actions as the cause of an ever-eroding respect for life. respect coming from our hearts, not from superficial politeness.

It’s time to begin the healing of our hearts, to move from closed to an open heart.



You can be a Healer, Authentic and Rich

Have you heard this: “People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST”.  So, of course, you want to be successful and you start to explore this rule.  You put your smile up, and your best mood. In the meantime, your sub consciousness, sends out other signals simultaneously. That’s tricky, because on a conscious level you know that you need to be NICE to this person in order to get some dollars at the end, and you don’t want that to be ruined.  Chances are that you force yourself to being kind-with-a-hidden-agenda. If you are not liked, you won’t make money. Cause and effect.

Well, what about being authentic in relationships. When I talk with someone who’s not listening and only interested in her own story, I perceive that as a calculating communication.  When we sense those vibes, we don’t get so excited.  That’s probably why many say: “I am not a salesperson”. What they probably mean:  “I cannot  push…”.  But they can sell! Because, if you look closer, they DO sell…their heart-based services…

Lately it’s getting real strange. People who I barely ever met, facebook friends, linkedin contacts, start to endorse me for qualities I don’t mind having, but they have NEVER ever seen me or seeing me working! They really have no clue what I am doing!  I truly believe that referring or endorsing should be done with integrity and not ‘pleasing’  each other.

So, what else should you do then?

First: BE yourself. Natural, without any preconceived ideas.  Second, be DETACHED from the outcome. Be of SERVICE to others. Know that the Universe works on attraction basis.  Truthfulness creates more truthfulness. Giving from the heart will result in receiving, in one or another way. Yes all of us can sell, when you arrive to the perspective of serving. Feeling joy, regardless of the outcome, to help someone. We don’t give, help, serve to get something. It’s  a mutual sharing.

 Is it totally alright to make a lot of money?

Sure, it is.  TOTALLY and COMPLETELY.  And even  LOTs  of it! Money is just an energy stream you can be aligned to. With a positive and open heart you will be. The problem is, though, that many people like to receive money, but do not really like to give it… with the exception of people who have sooo much and really are extremely generous. They do not suffer from scarcity thinking … Even when you do not have so much money, it still is a joy to give, to make someone else happy! If you only like to receive, be sure that success will stay away from you.

Give money with love, kiss the check you are sending  out… open your arms and feel the gratitude that it all is available to you!

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