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Today I walked through Whole Foods and was…

Today I walked through Whole Foods and was stopped by a woman who said: “I don’t want to bother you (…) but here is my card.” I looked at the card and she was offering all kind of psychic readings. “You are on a crossroad and in a lot of stress” she said. I smiled at her and said: “No, I am not, I am very happy and thriving. Here is my card! (…) You put fear in people, that’s not a good thing” …I said. “Call me!” she said…!

Wow, what a misuse of divine possibilities…we all have intuition! We all can develop clair sentience or alike. Sad that Divinely provided gifts are misused to make money not so honestly… The last time I experienced the same kind of  encounter  was with a  lady who said I needed to buy a divinely infused candle from her… for only $80. “My dear” I told that one: “I make and infuse them myself!”.  “Mine are better” she said…”Haha, really…? ”

My experiences with the Divine are a little different…it’s absolutely correct to have an exchange for a gift, treatment , product in the form of money. May it be with integrity…!


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