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About Carla Van Walsum Ph.D c

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Carla Van Walsum, Ph.Dc  and owner of  Heartbased Solutions LLC, an Integrative Practice for Couples, Parents & Families.

This blog is about the art of living, epigenetics, relationships, heartbased education, wholeness, compassion, happiness, fear and love. Love is the ultimate answer. However, many are on a life long journey to find love, happiness and wellbeing. I can help you discover. It is already within you. Love is the healer and the big inspiration of life.

It is my true passion to guide my clients towards more awareness, happiness, fulfillment, success and above all: restoring the flow of love in oneself and the family. We carry with us part of the experiences of our ancestors and if you look around in the world there are so many unhappy unfulfilled relationships that a lot of healing, worldwide, needs to be done.

I combine Integrative Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology,  Systemic Life, Family & Biz Constellations, NLP, Non-Violent Communication, Hypnosis  and more.

What I can do for you is helping

With a non-judgmental compassionate attitude, with  my expertise, knowledge and intuition I help my clients to create harmony, discover their passion and reach their goals in their life, family and relationships.

Please visit my

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  1. Carla,

    I am the Marketing Chair for the 2011 US Conference on Systemic Constellation Work. I have tried to send you our newsletter and website address but do not have a working email for you. Can you send me one?

    The conference website is: It is going to be a great conference and we want you there!

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