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The Emperor’s New Drugs:

There are many ways to raise your vibration including: thinking positive and uplifting thoughts. What about antidepressants?

As a child did you listen to, or read, the story about the Emperor’s New Clothes? Fascinating, wasn’t it? Well, I found a courageous book entitled: The Emperor’s New Drugs, exploding the Antidepressant Myth.
Many of you know and believe in the power of the mind and positive thinking. Also, many of you know  that depressions can be part of Epigenetics, “inherited family traumas” as is so frequently evidenced in the systemic family constellation work.

Click on title to read entire post.In one session the depression can be released, often forever. That means that conscious -and subconscious levels entangle and intertwine. You can try to be positive till you become blue in the face yet still carry, deep down inside, a sense of depressive feelings.

Here’s what Irving Kirsch, PhD-psychologist, who for years had been referring his patients to psychiatrists for drugs, antidepressants,  wrote in his above mentioned book:

“The conventional view of depression is that it is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The basis for that idea was the belief that antidepressant drugs were effective treatments. Our analyses showing that most – if not all – of the effects of these medications are really placebo effects challenges this widespread view of depression. In chapter 4 I examine the chemical-imbalance theory. You may be surprised that it is actually a rather controversial theory and that there is not much scientific evidence to support it”.
Globally sold prescribed antidepressants make it a $19-billion-a-year-industry.

Wow. The emperor really has nice new clothes!
Back to feeling depressed. Depressing thoughts create more of the same and attract the same vibrations. Everything in the universe is made of energy. What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates.

High vibrations equal positive energy and low vibrations equal negative energy. We human beings vibrate at different frequencies. Our thoughts and feelings can determine the frequency, at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and so we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibrations.
By doing so, yes we need to clear and heal, our steps in personal growth. It is up to you!

A very interesting scientific conclusion is  that your  heart has an electro-magnetic field that extends 8 – 12 feet from your body in all directions, above, below, in front of you and to your sides. So, rather have  your heart filled with love than with anger!



Eight years ago I divorced without a lawyer. To ease the difficulties  I used energy psychology tools which really helped. Because there were 3 children involved, there was a mandatory 3 hour mediation session. A very nice and capable woman, also psychologist, showed up and we all were pleased how the session went. A little while ago I bumped into her at a party and I said: “You know, everything turned out so well, my ex and I have a very cordial relationship  and the children are doing great and do not have any significant emotional scars or issues as a result from the divorce whatsoever.”  She paused, and looked deep into my eyes and said “Carla,… they ALWAYS get scarred by divorce”. I answered “No , that is called LIFE!”
Difficult life experiences  are opportunities for growth and  learning  that enrich and strengthen us. These experiences shape us to be better people. We can choose to heal that victim feeling.
The tendency to label every issue as a disorder or disease bothers me. The DSM V (Diagnostic Statistic Manual)  is thicker than ever. I totally don’t deny there are many real mental diseases, of course there are.

However, identifying everything with labels free the path to take a pill instead of looking for other solutions. It makes you victim of a situation.
It degrades human capacity to overcome life-events. It becomes: “My depression” (you own it!)  instead of: “I’m having feelings of depression and I’m going to work on it.”
I AM depressed” and “MY depression” is telling your subconscious  that that is who you are. It’s keeping you stuck. The conscious and subconscious mind influence our state of well-being. It is better to say: “I have feelings of depression and I am getting better and better everyday.” “I am willing to find any possible way to feel happier”.

In my bereavement group where people face at the end of their lives severe loss of a lifelong partner, a situation where it is not easy to find new purpose and hope, often they refuse any psychotropic drugs and say: “I have to live with it. I am working on it”. I am often very impressed with the personal strength and courage that is showing up. Some open up to spiritual viewpoints they hadn’t done fore a lifetime. They focus on gratitude, on blessings, on taking steps to make new friends. They feel that medication is dis-empowering them. And think about it, medication numbs your feelings, but also compassion and conscience! Practicing compassion for self and others is a helpful tool to feel better and doesn’t work with heavily medicated people.
happy woman 3A label  shows just a small part of who we are.

Feeling depressed is an opportunity to step into ones power, and be the CAUSE instead of the EFFECT.  Of course some depressions require medication. But hearing how many Americans talk, the advertisements on TV,  I can’t help but compare with Europe, where people rarely use medication for simple mental issues.
To get to a better place means to choose different thoughts. In addition to that, (thinking positive is never wrong!) it is also important to check if there are no transferred generational traumas that play a part. A depression can belong to the suffering of (one of) your ancestors. Energy Psychology, Family Constellations offer such effective ways to obtain information from what is stored in our sub-conscious, and often create the shift and release. Want to know more? You can do it privately, schedule a session  or join us at our Next workshop!

Do you worry?


  • Are you willing to stop worrying about what the world wants from you and willing to make it your job and your life purpose to fully live, love and feel every precious moment of your life? (Not easy, right?)
  • Did you ever realize that “worrying” is a HABIT, most often inherited from your family? Imagine, your ancestors might have experienced extreme violence, even for centuries. Then they moved to the USA to be free. Today your family lives in a relatively safe situation. But the habit of worrying can still exist. Even if there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Do you realize that by living in  FEAR  your stamina gets low, your immune system is negatively effected and your serotonin productivity is inhibited?happy woman 3

If you are one of those “worriers”, here are some tips. Challenge yourself with questions. “Is it really necessary to worry about this?” “What am I achieving by doing so?” “How would I feel if I would let go of all those thoughts that don’t serve me but stress me out?”
Rebuild TRUST. In our science based way of thinking, TRUST is a vague energy that we cannot “prove”. Only with metaphysical concepts can this be understood.
But most of us KNOW that TRUST is FELT. It is a feeling, an energy that makes us thrive. A relationship without TRUST is over. Or at least the positive part of it is. Without TRUST in our abilities we cannot thrive. And actually one of the most effective and simple phrases that soothes fear for all ages and in many situations, is “ALL IS WELL”.
These 3 words help to calm the energy around and within you. When in fear, don’t take action. Clear your thoughts, and choose deliberately other thoughts. Empower yourself!

Trusting all is well within your world,


Today I walked through Whole Foods and was…

Today I walked through Whole Foods and was stopped by a woman who said: “I don’t want to bother you (…) but here is my card.” I looked at the card and she was offering all kind of psychic readings. “You are on a crossroad and in a lot of stress” she said. I smiled at her and said: “No, I am not, I am very happy and thriving. Here is my card! (…) You put fear in people, that’s not a good thing” …I said. “Call me!” she said…!

Wow, what a misuse of divine possibilities…we all have intuition! We all can develop clair sentience or alike. Sad that Divinely provided gifts are misused to make money not so honestly… The last time I experienced the same kind of  encounter  was with a  lady who said I needed to buy a divinely infused candle from her… for only $80. “My dear” I told that one: “I make and infuse them myself!”.  “Mine are better” she said…”Haha, really…? ”

My experiences with the Divine are a little different…it’s absolutely correct to have an exchange for a gift, treatment , product in the form of money. May it be with integrity…!

5th Step: Living a Life of Love

“I have three young kids” said a friendly woman voice when she called me a while ago. “I want to be the best possible loving mother, and I think I am doing quite well. Though, my own mother (Louise) has always been aloof and cold towards me, as  her own mother was to her. I do not want my children to continue with these patterns and dynamics and I would like to see what I can do about that in your next “Life’s Hidden Truths Workshop” (Family Constellations).
Well, she came and the work showed clearly that the mother of my client, Louise, who was not present herself, felt disconnected and aloof from her family. In other words: Love wasn’t flowing. Apparently it became clear that  Louise was very connected to her grandmother. When I asked my client what happened in their lives, she remembered that her grandmother was the daughter of a native American woman who had 5 children from a white American man. Louise became extremely emotional when Native Americans and White Americans as a group were positioned. She run over to the Native Americans and  was overwhelmed with grief.
The history was as follows: One night a few men from the village came down to rape and murder the grandmother of Louise  and put the house on fire. Her 5 children were “watching.” Imagine what a tremendous trauma this must have been for them. With such experiences children can take the decision, subconsciously, that LOVE is frightening and that they rather don’t want to love at all anymore, a decision which has a deep impact on the soul. To avoid such terrible pain one  “closes” his/her heart. To be a child from two worlds, cultures who were each other’s enemies, is a schizophrenic situation.  A perpetrator and victim united in one person. Louise seemed to have identified  with her grandmother on a deeper level. This  loyalty to family members who came before us is not unusual. Acknowledging and honoring the wounds and suffering can open the gates to the flow of love. There is no resolution in forgiving in the name of others, that is not on us.
According to clinical psychology science traumas are stored in the limbic brain for about three generations. Traumas are nothing else than energy fields, present as a block in our system. There are several ways to release traumas. This constellation showed the hidden dynamics and a shift took place. A year later my client called me to say that the relationship improved quite a lot between her and Louise. Working with the energy fields of the family: the impact can be a huge shift and far reaching.

Living a life of Love: What you focus on expands. Acknowledge what runs in your sub and unconscious that might be negative or harming you, and release all that in order to be balanced and  being the authentic, fearless real you! The bonus is that you will be more happy, authentic, fearless and healthy!

4th Step: Living a Life of Love

“I am afraid he might cheat on me…” said 20 year old Melissa,  looking at me a little sad. “This is one of my anxieties” she added. “What makes you think he would do that?” “Well, it happened to me once before, and my dad did it to my mom. They are very good friends now, but they divorced because of it.”  I explained Melissa that these experiences need to be healed before you are ready to enter into a new relationship. If you walk around with such fears, chances are big that you will attract a guy that will fit in that picture. The fear in your energy field is felt, unconsciously though, by others. Such a thought can also become a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Did your dad lose a parent in his childhood?” “His parents divorced when he was young and his step-dad became his “father-figure,” Melissa answered.” Ok, if a young child, under the age of 10 or so, loses a parent whether by death or a separation, that child will take that personally,” If (s)he would have loved me, (s)he would have staid. “ Children do not have the capacity for an intellectual understanding of  death or a divorce or alike. So, deep down a trauma is formed, and often issues with bonding occur later in life. The reason for bonding issues is that fear of losing a loved one is so big,- the fear for being hurt, – that it is considered “safe” to either not bond deeply or not being able to take in the love that is offered. Also the result can be a lifelong searching for love and we tend to call that cheating, when that happens in a relationship, marriage. The society condemns “cheating” heavily because it is so painful for the other partner.  It helps though, to soften that pain if you do not take it personally, how difficult that might seem to be. Sometimes there is a deep hidden loyalty to the father who had promiscuous behavior. We tend to follow the footsteps of our parents.  The loyalty to our family is deep, even though there might be very troubled situations. Family Constellations, no-not astrology! show the hidden dynamics in the family field, morphogenetic fields, and offer opportunity to rapid shifts in burdens of past experiences. I ended up doing some healing work with Melissa, which helped her detach from limiting beliefs and fears, healing the hurt deep within, feeling relieved  and happier afterwards.  As a result, she asked her doctor if she could stop using anti depression medication and in the few weeks after our 3 sessions she lost several pounds automatically. Gaining weight can be a way to protect yourself… Now Melissa  is looking forward to her next date!

Living a life of Love: What you focus on expands. Acknowledge what runs in your sub and unconscious that might be negative or harming you, and release all that in order to be balanced and  being the authentic, fearless real you! The bonus is that you will attract the truthful relationship that you deserve, either deepening the existing one or a new one.

Adoption and then what…

It seems so easy. You are pregnant, you cannot keep or don’t want the +baby, and several people (who have a monetary or other interests) are suggesting or pressuring you to give up the baby for adoption ‘because there are wonderful parents waiting to give your child a great life’. Really? For sure, there ARE wonderful parents who are adopting children that need a home. No bad word about that! Often those kids are filling a hole in the childless marriages of those people. All that love and care they recieve from those parents is a GREAT gift.

However, babies are grown in the whom of their own mother. And giving away by birth is a deep felt Trauma with life-long consequences, with often a theme of BONDING issues and a doubtful SELF-ESTEEM. Poor birth mothers who have been forced to give their babies away, they are traumatized for life.
A baby is not a THING. A baby is a human that doesnt speak but does feel, experiences and is totally aware. Babies are part of a family, they belong to the bigger picture of a family soul: an energy field that contains genes and epigenetics; the collection of experiences in the lives of +ancestors. Clinical Psychology could prove it so well: yes, trauma’s of past generations, at least 3, are stored in the Limbic brain. And the characteristic of traumas, epigenetics, are that they influence your life if they are not healed. Jewish toddlers in Europe, that have been given away to strangers to rescue them from being deported to concentration camps show often, as do their children, disturbances in bonding and relationships..
Negative thoughts and opinions stored in the mind of Adoptive-parents about the biological+Parents can create lifelong bonding issues for the child, who HEARD and FELT those opinions. An unconscious made choice can result in staying loyal on a deep level to their birth mother/parents or staying angry towards them for the rest of their entire life, OR are so loyal to the adoptive parent that a deep resentment to their own family of origen is a result.

Children are not for sale. Also, happiness is not for sale. The greatness of adopting a child that is in need for care is a beautiful, beautiful deed, often really lifesaving, however complicated as well.
A Non-judgmental and respectful attitude to the birth parents, regardless their situation as a result of how life treated them, and a loving attitude for each involved is imperative for the child’s well being and are extremely important ingredients.
Adoption is an act of extremities: powerful loving care vs deep powerless loss.
Impressive healing is often witnessed in a Family Constellation, bringing peace and balance back in the families, in the birth as well in the adoptive families.

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