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ADHD related behavior? Restlessness?How to deal with the teacher’s request for medication?

ADHD related behavior? Restlessness?How to deal with the teachers request for medication? 
This is a  response from a parent after a sytemic family child-constellation ( by carla Van Walsum
I just want to express how amazed I am at the work you do and how it all works.
My son Zak who is 9 has been out of control at school, at aftercare and at home with all the symptoms of ADHD. He expressed some dark thoughts and I was really concerned that he was going to suffer and destroy his life like his father but before putting him on medication, we gave your work a try.
After this group session, Zak has been back to his own self again,
happy, funny and loving. I receive great notes from his teachers and I can finally relax.
It became so clear that the patterns of his father and grandfather were at play and the cycle could be broken and it can be That simple.
Zachary took this work seriously and naturally. 
Kids understand soul love , fogiveness and energy. My son is very thankful to you too.

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