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How to get your needs met without getting angry?

If the urge to control OTHERS would be recognized as an expression of FEARful thinking, than parents could be much more happy if they communicate their wishes differently. We can never REALLY expect anybody to do something they dont want to comply with, other then using coercion/ threat which is violent.
Being punished or rewarded for every step you take takes away the natural joy and behavior of ‘just doing it’
Requesting respectfully based on compassion and awareness of each other’s needs creates easy compliance. The model of Crystal Clear Communication is a great tool to realize that. Not to please each other to get something out of it, but to please because it is great to do something for someone else. The joy of the mitsvah/a good deed. Just a higher level of conscious living.



We have been taught, at least most of us, to develop a sharp, critical mind. The sharper, the better. We were validated if we were really good at it. It is this mindset that is detrimental for happy relationships. If we use our criticism, masking our real feelings of disappointment, hurt and unmet needs, we become real fault-finders. Hard to live and to deal with! If we CHOOSE to become a LOVE finder, focusing on the beauty in others, our level of happiness improves and elevates drastically…
Practice it..and enjoy the results…

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